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  11 Feb 2009 2:16 pm, [How-To] True a rim!

What you need-
a sharpie/marker
spoke wrench

Step 1- Making the mark
Take the marker, and hold it against the forks facing the rim.
Spin the rim and start sliding the marker closer and closer toward the rim.
When you start to feel the marker touch the rim, take it off.
You will end up with a mark like below, thats where the rim is most bent.

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  23 Jan 2009 7:08 pm, Pivotal mod!?No more holes!?

okay,so I wanted a pivotal seat for simplicity,and the hole in the top was fine,but then I tore it and recoevered it,and the hole was....well,I couldnt get it so the hole could cover up,so there was an ugly hole in the seat. and I wanted it gone. How do I do this!? I thought of a few things. my first idea,was to use a hacksaw and cut the bolt a bit down the middle so its a notch,and use a flathead screwdriver.


so then I saw this on my desk:

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  12 Jan 2009 6:38 pm, The Advanced Guide On Installing And Setting Up GY

Around the forums i have noticed alot of how to set up gyro questions so this is a guide on how to isntall and set up your gyro to work well.

Many of the people who run Gyro's keep them as they are set up at a shop, unless they come from a fairly decent BMX store or a local the chances are they feel nice but in all reality are set up absolutely shocking and you can get them better.

First of all im going to explain how to install a gyro, if your gyro is already installed you can skip this part

We will assume that you are using this type of gyro:

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  24 Dec 2008 1:45 pm, [HowTo] Tailwhip

I suggest doing these fly out or out of a bank first then when you get those down you can start tryin hop whips

First - Move your front foot back so that you can kick the bike out with your back foot(thats so your front foot will clear the bike so it doesnt get hit when trying to whip the bike around)

Second - Whip the bike around in a circular motion..(the motion is all in the arms,its not really in your feet)

Third - Keep your weight over your bars..the key to tailwhips is to stay over your bike..

Fourth - Keep your legs tucked into your body so you can get your back foot over the top tube(this will also prevent your feet from landing before your bike spins all the way around)

Fifth - Bring your back foot up so that the frame can come back under you..

Sixth - Spot your pedals and try to land both feet on the pedals at the same time(sometimes i just look for my bottom bracket and my feet just go to the pedals or crank arms either way its legit )

Hop Whips - Its pretty much the same concept you just have to force the bike around quicker and tuck your legs up a little higher and lean forward alittle more that flyout(it takes lots of practice)

Heres A Video Of Me Doing A Whip In Slow Motion(The First One I Caught Seat lol It Happens) -

When doing this trick YOU MUST COMMIT!!! You cant land this trick unless you commit..

Also wear shinpads when learning..because it hurts when you slip pedals..wearing shinpads also helps build confidence

Yea And Thats Pretty Much All I Can Think Of..Hope It Helps

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  24 Dec 2008 1:45 pm, [HowTo] Tailwhip

All the grip, none of the weight. éclat's new Surge pedals are quite simply, the grippiest nylon pedal on the market. Constructed of a nylon/fiberglass blend, the Surge pedal features a knurled concave surface, hardened cr-mo spindles and reinforced construction. Simple, effective and lightweight, the Surge pedal combines the best aspects of a nylon pedal without sacrificing pedal grip.
These pcs in my opinion are the best plastics out there, they are light, very grippy, smaller than the average pedal(good for the little rippers) and come in sweet colours but so do all plastics. I've been riding these for a few months now and they still have lots and lots of life left. i only ride park really and i dont do pedal grinds or anything, but i noticed if you do pedal grind the plastic will wear off like butter, they are also good because i ride trails but the only annoying thing about that us the dirt gets clogged in the pedal surface .NOT REALLY MUCH YOU CAN SAY, THEY ARE A PLASTIC PEDAL AND THEY KICK ASS haha.


good grip
sweet colours but no different to any other pc
last long

dont last as long as a metal pedal
dont come sealed but thats not important.
not good for pedal grinds
if you ride dirt clogs get caught up on the pedal.

thanks for reading

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  12 Dec 2008 5:32 pm, [How-To] Stop your bars from slipping

This is a pretty basic thing to fix, but sometimes beginners have this common problem and lack the knowledge required to fix it.

Okay so, the most common mistake which causes bars to slip is mis-tightening the front bolts. Here are some pictures to show how it should and shouldn't look when fully tightened:

This is what it's going to look like when it's fully tightened if you've done something wrong:

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  28 Nov 2008 7:16 pm, [How To] Cutt off brake mounts

I had a old frame just lying around the house and decided that i would cut off the brake mounts then paint it so i could build a bike up for a friend. Then i decided that i would make a how to on it.

The tools i used are:
-80 Grit Sandpaper
-Sanding disc's (80 grit)
-150 Grit Sandpaper
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